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About Us

Dr. Mari Pearlman, Principal and founder of the Pearlman Education Group, has spent her career in education, both as a teacher and as a successful senior executive in a growing for-profit K-12 services organization (Catapult Learning, Inc) and a large not-for-profit education organization (Educational Testing Service).

She and her associates have extensive experience in both K-12 and higher education, in organizational leadership and strategy, as well as market analysis and product development. They are particularly experienced in assessment design, particularly performance-based assessments.

They apply the disciplines and tools used by effective for-profit organizations to education organizations, enabling them to more efficiently and powerfully fulfill their social missions.

Essential to this mission capability is the development of professionals' capacity, and the Pearlman Education Group has special expertise in the development of evidence-based teaching practice and educational decision-making.

Call us directly at 609-203-4669, or email us at [email protected]